Top 7 Online Physician MBA Programs

Many leaders in healthcare climb the ladder from different places, within administration, the nursing profession, and even the pool of physicians. In order to be well versed in leadership, many of these physicians will turn to online MBA programs to help them in their journey.

Management of healthcare organizations touches all areas of business leadership. These leaders are often responsible for overseeing workers, validating procedures, working with teams, and vision casting for greater healthcare goals. Healthcare managers are also responsible for dealing with conflict resolution within organizations, motivating employees, and making sure that decisions are made with the best interest of the organization in mind.

It is no wonder that the optimal healthcare manager is a well-trained business professional who is task-driven, well-organized, and is capable of communicating with executives to part-time service employees. An online MBA focused in healthcare or executive management is a great choice for physicians looking to move to executive leadership in healthcare organizations.

The online MBA is famous for its ability to train business professionals in the many aspects of business, including finance, accounting, economics, and marketing. Some of the United States’ best business schools currently offer online MBA specializations in Healthcare and Executive Management. The specialized courses in Healthcare will expose an online MBA student to the intricacies of this exciting business sector, and executive management courses train professionals for elite C level positions. Here are 25 of the Best Online MBA Programs for Physicians currently offered in the United States.


To find the best Online MBA programs for Physicians, we researched more than 570 online MBA programs from around the country. Only MBA programs offered 100% online were considered for this list, in order to accommodate the busiest physician’s schedule. Then online MBA programs that included a focus or specialization in healthcare or executive leadership were ranked on their affordability, reputation, and convenience.

Affordability: Since most physicians spend many years paying off medical school debt, affordability is an important issue to consider. All tuition data was collected from each university’s website. The base tuition was calculated for the entirety of the online MBA degree, excluding fees, books, or lodging. The base tuition was inverted and placed on a 100-point scale to find the Affordability Score. This score attributes to 33% of the ranking score.

Reputation: Each online MBAs reputation is made up of scores from national MBA ranking sources: Businessweek, The Economist, and US News. The scores for each MBA were averaged, to find a balanced consensus, and placed on a 100-point scale. This Reputation Score attributes to 33% of the ranking score.

Convenience: To find the optimal convenience for the best Online MBA programs for Physicians, programs were ranked on if it can be completed 100% online and if the GMAT/GRE requirement is waived or omitted during the admission process. Special notation was given when schools offer GMAT waivers for MCAT scores. This Convenience Score attributes to 33% of the final ranking score.

Baylor University

The Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University provides an online MBA with a specialization in Executive Communication. The business school states that its purpose is to help MBA students think critically, solve problems effectively, and make tough decisions in business strategy across the many functional areas of business. Graduate students within this 48-60 credit hour program are encouraged to collaborate with others in cross-functional teams. A graduate with an online MBA in Executive Communication should be competent in motivating, leading, and mentoring others. The program’s curriculum is designed to help distance learners articulate ideas and information persuasively and effectively in many business contexts. The tuition rate for this degree comes in at just over $50,000. Graduate students pursuing an online MBA in Executive Communication can expect to graduate in only one year by taking advantage of the business school’s accelerated program. The Hankamer School of Business also provides online MBA students with focuses on Marketing and Cyber Security.

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management features an online MBA with a concentration in Health Care Management. Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Management and Organizations, and Management Information Systems are the other top-notch specializations currently offered to online MBA students. The AACSB International accredits the Eller College of Management with its reputable business accreditation. Split between 17 elective credits and 28 core credits, this 45-credit hour degree features a 100% online course delivery format. No campus visits throughout the degree mean students can complete classes virtually anywhere in the world that receives an online connection. Businessweek calls the business school the 96th best place in the nation to pursue an online MBA. The business school also receives high marks from U.S. News and World report with a 52nd spot among the country’s best. Graduate students within this 45-credit hour program can expect to enroll in courses like Communication for Managers, Economics for Managers, Business Strategy, Strategic Management of Information Systems, Survey of Finance as Analyst, and Leadership in Organizations.

University of North Alabama

An online MBA with an emphasis in Health Care Management is offered at the College of Business at the University of North Alabama. The optimal candidate for this illustrious program is one who has achieved at least three years of professional work experience before applying for this 100% online MBA. The tuition rate for the program is well under $20,000, and the business school requires no GMAT or GRE score to be reported during the application process. Placement tests often require graduate students to invest time and money. The admissions office leans on other aspects of a graduate student’s application resources to validate their acceptance into the program. Online MBA students seeking other concentration tracks will be happy to see the College of Business delivers emphases in Global Business, an Executive track, Information Systems, Finance, Sales and New Business Development, and Accounting. While the university’s campus in Florence, Alabama, is a beautiful and stately collection of historic and modern buildings, online MBA students will never have to visit there as all program requirements can be satisfied with zero campus visits required.

Northern Kentucky University

The Haile/U.S. Bank College of Business at Northern Kentucky University delivers an online MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration. The tuition rate of this 33-credit hour program is advertised at just over $15,000. Finance, Data Analytics, Leadership, Innovation Through Competitive Intelligence, and Marketing can also be added as focuses on this substantial degree in business leadership. The revered AACSB International accredits the Haile/U.S. Bank College of Business so distance learners can rest assured they are receiving the very best in online graduate-level education. The online MBA is split between twelve credit hours of concentration courses, sixteen credit hours of essentials, and five capstone credits after the degree. Managing in Organizations, Financial Management in Organizations, Operations Management, Accounting in a Corporate Environment, Marketing in Organizations, Strategies for High Performing Organizations, Legal Environment for Business, and Intro to Info Systems in Organizations are some of the high-quality courses available to distance learners enrolled in this program.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

An online MBA with a specialization in Medical Management is offered at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The business school also provides online MBA students with excellent concentrations in Business Analytics, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Healthcare Administration, and Sport Management. A tuition rate of just between $30,000 and $25,000 is offered with this degree making it a lot of bang for the academic buck. The Isenberg School of Management is considered the 74th best business school to pursue an online MBA by the U.S. News. A GMAT waiver combines with a 100% online course delivery format to make this 34-credit hour course one of the most convenient distance degrees in the country. Students enrolled in the Physician’s Leadership program have the option of transferring up to nine credit hours into this program. Healthcare courses included in this degree are Ethical Issues in Public Health, Health Program Planning, Healthcare Quality and Performance Improvement, and LEAN Management.

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

An online MBA with an emphasis in Health Care Administration is delivered by the Robert C. Vackar College of Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Other top-notch concentrations currently offered by the business school include Financial Planning and International Trade. This online MBA can also be pursued as a general MBA. The AACSB International deems the Robert C. Vackar College of Business and Entrepreneurship worthy of its illustrious and well-respected business accreditation. Courses within this degree are delivered within seven-week modules that are provided to students on a carousel basis, adding to the program’s convenience and accessibility. A student can complete all requirements for this 100% online degree in business leadership in just one calendar year. High-quality core courses like Accounting and Financial Analysis, Managerial Economics, Organizational Behavior, Data Modeling and Business Intelligence, Production and Operations Management, Business Ethics, Advanced Corporate Finance, Marketing Strategy, and Information Systems for Managers are just some of the classes distance learners will be exposed to within this noteworthy distance degree.

Barry University

The D. Inez Andreas School of Business at Barry University delivers an online MBA with a specialization in Health Services Administration. International Business, Marketing, and Management are three other emphases that can be pursued along with this online MBA. Candidates less interested in a focus may pursue this distance degree as a general online MBA. Some have said this 36-credit degree is the perfect pairing of real-world application and solid business theory. The business school takes a holistic approach to leadership training. Graduates of this stellar online program will have the tools they need to understand and process ethics and social responsibility within whatever organizations they work in. An attractive tuition rate of less than $20,000 is associated with this 36-credit hour degree. The coursework for the program is split between 27 core credits and nine Health Services Administration credits. Graduate students seeking an accelerated experience will be pleased to know the business school provides a completion time of just 12 months.

An online MBA is an excellent degree for a leader in healthcare.

Leadership in healthcare involves overseeing the many intricate details of a healthcare facility. A manager, director, or administrator in healthcare should be well-versed in the areas of healthcare technology, medical practice, and business leadership. No other degree on the planet can prepare a physician interested in leadership quite like an online MBA with a concentration or specialization in Healthcare Administration or Executive Leadership. The online MBA was designed for working professionals as it allows them the chance to continue working in their current position. Classes within an online MBA are typically completed during the evenings or weekends. Professionals have the opportunity to manage their active professional and family schedules while using available times to complete assignments for the degree. Coursework for an online MBA can include reading books and resources, working on projects alone or with a cohort group, watching course lectures online, and completing assignments, and taking exams over units covered throughout the coursework.

Many business schools that provide these online MBA programs do so through a 100% online format. Short residencies at the beginning or throughout a program are standard as these opportunities give students a chance to meet business school instructors and fellow students. Unfortunately, many professionals, like full-time physicians, do not have the margin to pursue such degrees and require a 100% online format. The requirements needed for a fully online degree usually amount to a laptop computer and dependable internet access.

Another benefit to an online MBA is the natural opportunities it affords the physician to apply course content to their work environment in real-time. In a traditional educational experience, the student listens to lessons, works through projects, takes tests, and then graduates with a degree. The student seeks a job where she can apply the knowledge she attained and subsequently is responsible for being able to recall and apply years of content for whatever position she has acquired. An online MBA works differently as it was designed for the working professional with often two or more years of experience. A working professional with experience will often have a better working knowledge of what principles will work in the real world. The online MBA degree will present concepts and strategies for business leadership that the physician can implement in their clinic or organization.

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