5 easy tricks to teach your dog

Training these 5 easy tricks to teach your dog will stimulate him both mentally and physically, providing an excellent way to bond with him.

Even though it might seem impossible, teaching your dog a new trick is never too late. As they are mastering new abilities, dogs also enjoy the challenges of learning to do new things.

When it comes to training your dog, it’s crucial to keep a supply of healthy treats nearby. We’ve listed 5 easy tricks to teach your dog

1. Kiss

dog kiss

As dogs love to lick, this trick may not come naturally to them at first. Give your dog a “kiss”  while holding a treat up to your face.

Wait until your dog touches the side of your face with its nose when you move your cheek towards it. Once it starts acting like this, move back before the dog licks you and give it a treat. In no time at all, your dog will begin to gently touch your face with its nose to get food.

2. Shake Hands

dog shake hands

One of the cutest tricks your pup can learn is the “Shake Hands” trick. You can teach your pup this trick quite easily.

It is natural for your dog to paw at you if it wants something. The dog may paw at your hand if you offer a fistful of treats since the treats are not readily accessible to them with their mouths.

When they keep pawing, use the command, “Shake,” several times, and your dog will learn an entirely new trick.

3. Wave

Dog Wave

Once your dog learns to shake paws, teach him to “Wave”. As soon as your dog sniffs or paws at the treat in your closed hand, raise your fist so that it must “wave” its paw in the air.

Whenever your dog completes the trick, gradually increase the height at which they must lift their paw and reward them.

4. Stand up

Dog Stand Up

According to the American Kennel Club, get your dog to sit in front of you, then hold a treat parallel to its nose. Praise your pet and reward it once your dog reaches the treat. As your dog reaches the treat, gradually move it upwards.

“Stand” is the verbal cue to remind your dog to stand.

5. Play Dead

Dog Plat Dead

Performing “Play Dead” is a great party trick sure to impress your friends and family. Playing dead requires more practice and persistence than simpler commands like sitting or shaking hands.

Your dog should follow the verbal command and hand signal that he is already familiar with. Hold a dog treat between your first and second fingers, a few inches above your dog’s nose.

Make sure your dog is looking at the treat while you bring it over to their side. Give your dog a treat and praise him when he lies on the right side. Every time your dog lies on their side, reward them a little bit.

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